for audiovisual and performing arts projects. Realization from the first stage (design and projection) to the final delivery of the material (recording, scores and live performance).

Elaboration, projection, production of sound and musical ideas. I work to develop and concretize sound and musical ideas.

'I offer a plastic way of organizing and developing the project according to the needs they present.

I understand that connecting with the people who carry out each project is essential for successful development.

I am interested in thinking of each new initiative as a challenge to my creativity and inspiration, while also having the possibility of putting together teams incorporating different technical and musical professionals.



Jazz, música original

Pianist and composer

⬢Editat el 2022, és el segon àlbum de Lucas Herrera Fernández. Ens ofereix 9 composicions noves, originals, que refresquen l'audició de les formacions de jazz tradicional amb una empremta personal basada en les arrels musicals de Buenos Aires. Evocacions de Tango i Folklore argentins es fusionen dins de les formes i improvisacions jazzístiques mostrant l'herència i els orígens del compositor. Els músics que participen de l'enregistrament són Cecilia Dottore en clarinet i saxo alt, Hernán Cassibba en contrabaix i Martín Freiberg en bateria. Piano i composició per Lucas Herrera Fernández.
Va ser gravat al novembre de 2021 en estudis Doctor F. a la ciutat de Buenos Aires, Argentina, per Agustín Silberleib. Barreja i mastering a càrrec de Pablo López Ruiz.

Listen the album here

Puerto Itinerante (jazz)


Jazz, boleros, bossa nova


⬢Solo pianist. In Barcelona he performs with this format at Club 61, Café del Aula, Majestic Hotel, Velvet Room, among others..

Video reel

Piano Solo (jazz and more)


"Donación León Ferrari" (2015) y "Picasso-Más allá de las semejanzas" (2017)

Performer and composer (with Juan Cristóbal Sleigh)

⬢The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Buenos Aires (MAMBA) commissioned the Herrera-Sleigh duo to perform musical interventions based on the museographic tour of the exhibitions ⬝Donación León Ferrari⬝ and ⬝Beyond the Pablo Picasso Resemblance⬝ in 2015 and 2017 respectively. For which they composed and performed original pieces inspired by the works of these two masters of the plastic arts.

Watch the video here

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MAMBA (museum)

El tiempo de mi sombra

Tino Moroder (2020)

Arrangement and performing

⬢"El tiempo de mi sombra" single by singer, composer and guitarist Tino Moroder. I composed an orchestral arrangement especially for this beautiful song. I also recorded keyboards, hammond and piano.

⬢Tino Moroder is a musician from the city of Buenos Aires, leader of the rock group El Atolón de Funafuti. This song belongs to his solo project.

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Web site
Tino Moroder (rock)


Short play for piano and voice (2017-2018)

Musical performer and composer

⬢A creation of Lucía Rosso (actress, singer, director and playwright) under the artistic supervision of Cristina Banegas

⬢A theatrical piece for piano and voice that captures on stage (through jazz, butoh dance and acting) a body that intensely surrenders to the playful experience of being transformed, deformed, mobilized, dragged, fused, touched, eroticized , feared and abandoned by Love.

Aguapé del Mississipi (theater)


Gonzalo Gamallo (2015)


⬢First solo album by composer, guitarist and singer Gonzalo "el pastor" Gamallo

Listen to the album here
Gonzalo Gamallo (song writer)


Jazz Piano Trio

Pianist and composer

⬢This EP is the first recording by Lucas Herrera Fernández in the city of Barcelona with his trio. It contains 3 tracks, among them Blues para un Rojo, the original composition that titles this release. Followed by the standards On Green Dolphin St. and There is no greater love. With Homero Tolosa on drums and Oscar Tinocco on double bass. It was recorded by Ferran Donatelli at Vértigo Estudios, in the city of Linars del Vallés

Watch the studio session videos

Listen to the album hereí

Lucas Herrera Fernández Trío (Jazz)


Lucas Herrera Grupo - Jazz fusión (2015-2017)

Composer and performer

⬢Lucas Herrera releases his first solo album with original music called⬝Un punto azul pálido⬝.(Pale Blue Dot)

⬢This album presents a set of 9 original compositions that fall into the field of fusion. Each of them visits different popular genres (zamba, bossa, funk, rock, soul) from a jazz perspective.

⬢The album featured the artistic production of maestro Álvaro Torres and was recorded by Andrés Pellican (double bass), Martín Porto (guitar), Gabriel Juncos (flute), Juan Corrao (drums), Facundo Maddío (trumpet) and Mauro Ostinelli (sax tenor).

During 2015 and 2016 he presented the album in different stages of the Buenos Aires scene such as Boris Club, Virasoro, Monk Club, Vicente el Absurdo, among others, accompanied by Flavio Romero (double bass), Martín Porto (guitar), Juan Corrao (drums), Rodrigo Clavell (alto and tenor sax), Mauro Ostinelli (tenor sax) and Gonzalo Aldas (bass).

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Album web site

Un punto azul pálido (jazz fusion)


"Music in the baroque and mannerist hall"(2018)

Arrangements and composition (with Juan Cristóbal Sleigh)

⬢The duo Herrera - Sleigh composed and arranged music especially for this presentation, inspired by its collection. Through a call from the "Association of Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts (AAMNBA)" on Friday, August 24, 2018, this concert was held in which Mario del Risco Blanco (violin, flute and trumpet), Nahuel Campanari participated as performers. (double bass) and Juan Cristóbal Sleigh himself (clarinet, guitar and cuatro).

Watch the video here
MNBA (museum)

APS Poenix

Advertising campaign - 2021

Composition, performance, recording and mixing

⬢Advertising and institutional campaign for the firm APS Phoenix (USA). A production of Camarón Brujo Estudios (ARG)

Watch video 1 here

Watch video 2 here

Listen to the audio here
APS Phoenix (advertising)


Jazz sextet

Performer and composer

⬢Group formed in 2017 with which they perform original music of the genre.

⬢Cecilia Dottore (alto sax), Mauro Ostinelli (tenor sax), Mariano Anselmi (guitar), Gonzalo Aldas (bass), Juan Corrao (drums) and Lucas Herrera (piano and composition)

Watch the group's videos here

Lucas Herrera Sextet (jazz)


Boleros (2016-2018)


⬢Gabriela Portantiero recreates in her boleros this genre that has no expiration date and that inevitably takes us to a place of dreams that, thanks to her unmatched, sensual and captivating voice, we would like to inhabit more often.

Watch the video of "Mucho corazón" here

Listen to the album here

La Portantiero and her bohemian trio (boleros)

The Soulful Trio (2023)

Soul, Blues

Hammond Organ

⬢It is an Organ Trio based in the city of Barcelona. They perform versions of songs known to everyone, mixing musical genres interchangeably. You will find in their repertoire shades of jazz, soul spirit and a lot of groove. With Homero Tolosa on drums and Pablo Sánchez on guitar. They have recently released their first EP "The Soulful Trío" along with a series of live sessions held in the recording studio. Special guest: Federico Álvarez on alto sax

Watch the videos here

Listen to the EP here

The Soulful Trio (Soul, Blues)


Los visuales - documentary series

Musical composition

1st and 2nd season (2016-2017)

⬢Los Visuales proposes an approach to the experience of creation in contemporary Argentine art based on the story and action of its protagonists.

Direction: Lucas Turturro and Brenda Barroero.

Watch the full series here

Listen to the Original Soundtrack here(1)

Listen to the Original Soundtrack here(2)
Canal Encuentro (TV)

"Caring in Equality" Campaign

Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity (ARG) - 2021

Composition, recording and mixing

⬢What do we talk about when we talk about care?

The National Campaign "Caring in Equality. Necessity, right and work" recognizes care as work, historically invisible and distributed unequally. Through this initiative, the Ministry aims to contribute to the improvement and expansion of public care policies in its different spheres, which promote greater comprehensiveness and access to move towards an equal distribution of these tasks.

A production of La Básica Audiovisual.

Watch the video here

Listen to the Original Soundtrack here
Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity (advertising)


Rock (2008-2024)

Performer and co-composer

⬢Rock group led by singer, composer and guitarist Tino Moroder.

⬢Desde 2004 han editado 5 discos larga duración, tocando en importantes escenarios de todo el país y ganándose el respeto y aceptación de la prensa especializada. En 2008 fueron seleccionados por Alfredo Rosso como la mejor banda del año para el Anuario de la Revista Ñ.

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El Atolón de Funafuti (rock)


Alejandro Meola (2013)


⬢25.102.LIGHTNING! is the second LP by Alejandro Meola, a musical artist from Buenos Aires based in New York since 2013. Composer with a song profession. Guitarist. Singer.

⬢The sessions took place at the Casa Frida studios with Nicanor Faerberg on drums, Sebastián Ruiz on bass, Lucas Herrera Fernández on keyboards, Juan Borría on trumpet, Joaquín Angiolini on bandoneon, Marilina Calós on violin, Santiago Lagrosa on percussion and Diego Quezada on harmonica. The album was played live for the only time at the Teatro del Viejo Mercado, Buenos Aires neighborhood of Abasto.

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Web site
Alejandro Meola (rock)


Rock/Pop (2016-2019)


⬢Groovy, poppy, rock songs. Good songs above all.

⬢Psicosis Radio is the second studio album by singer and songwriter Martin Oliver.
IG: martinxoliver

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Martin Oliver (rock/pop)

Tel: +34 603614257 // e-mail:
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